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Branch Photo Gallery

Alex Jones Sr. & Margaret Louise White Jones - First generation after slavery.

Alex Jones Sr.

Alex Jones Sr.

(Died 1912)

Margaret Louise White Jones

Margaret Louise White Jones Family
(Died 1919)


The Children of Alex Jones Sr. & Margaret Louise White Jones
1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child

Willy Anna Jones

Willy Anna Jones Branch
(Died 1920)

Lena Jones
(Stillborn 1876)

General Green Jones

General Green Jones Branch
(Born 1878)

4th Child 5th Child 6th Child

John Edward Jones

John Edward Jones
(Killed 1906)

Minnie Louise Jones
(Died 1901 or 1902)

Alex Jones Jr.

Alex Jones Jr. Branch
(1882 - 1955)

7th Child 8th Child 9th Child

Samuel Collier Jones

Samuel Collier Jones Branch
(1884 - 1970)

Peter Solomon Jones

Peter Solomon Branch
(1885 - 1981)

Robert Henry Jones

Robert Henry Jones
(Born 1887)

10th Child 11th Child 12th Child

Eliza Jane Jones

Eliza Jane Jones Branch
(1888 - 1973)

Moses Mitchell Jones
(1891 - 1902)

Wilbert Jones





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