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Reunion Costs

The Missouri Committee is excited to get the chance to see you in the beautiful city of St. Louis! We are proud to say that we have gotten great feedback and overwhelming interest in the activities we have planned for this year.

Please let us know ASAP that you will be attending.

Registration Costs:

The cost for this year's reunion includes: Souvenir, T-Shirt, Banquet, Indoor Picnic, Activities, Tours, Hospitality, Workshops, and Scholarship donation (required $5.00).

Adults (13 and up):

Children (4-12): $55.00

Children (3 & under):

Download Registration Form
Please Fill out the Registration Form and Mail to the Host Committee or Download the File, Fill out, and Email to a Host Committee Member. (Adia Ingram - adia.ingram@gmail.com, Bessine Jones Ingram - Bebooks2@aol.com, Niambi Ingram - niambiingram@gmail.com, or Shani Ingram - shani.ingram@yahoo.com)

There are Two Options for Paying Electronically: (via Zelle)

1. Paying With Zelle Through your Online Banking Account

Steps For Paying Through Your Online Banking Account:
(ONLY, available if your Bank is affiliated with Zelle)

  • Sign in to your Online Banking Account
  • Follow Steps For Sending/Transferring Money
  • Click Send Money with Zelle, or similar depending on your bank institution
  • Enter the following email address: adia.ingram@gmail.com
  • Enter Message, if adding a note is an option: List Your Name and who you are paying for
  • Submit Payment



2. Paying through the Zelle App on your mobile device

Steps For Paying Through the Zelle App:

Click here to Follow the steps for using the Zelle App



3. Pay via check

Please make your checks payable to Shani Ingram.

Download Registration Form and mail to:

Jones Family Reunion
Bessine Jones Ingram
204 Persimmon Street
Birmingham, AL 35214




Additional T-Shirts:
*Remember reunion registration includes cost of T-Shirt.

Adult (13 and up) T-Shirts*:
$10.00 each

Childern (4-12) T-Shirts*:
$10.00 each

Children (0-3) T-Shirts:
$6.00 each


For Reunion information, please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have:

Bessine Jones Ingram at 205-798-5679